Sunday, December 1, 2019

Designing a website for the future

Where does the future of website designing lie? How can I get a website for my business which doesn't look outdated within the next couple of years. My website looks good but why does it have a high bounce rate and leads are not converting to business? At Linxdesign, we deliberate on all major elements of website design and development incorporating regular updates so that your website remains ahead of time in the coming years.

Following are the features which you should be looking at while designing a truly futuristic website:

1. Developing better tools to deliver a smooth user experience: As people tend to spend more and more of their spare time online, the digital world is getting more alluring over the years and the sites are just like our second homes. A website should provide easy browsing, smart updating and be high on content show that both user traffic and session times show an upswing. A website should have efficiently developed software and smarter tools to give the user that wow factor on every visit. Since it doesn't take much time for any software update to be cloned and replicated, developers should always be on their toes to be ahead of the game. As a Custom software development company based out of Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, Linxdesign can come up with the latest solutions for the local business enterprises. 

2. Incorporating Data Analytics in Design: A 18 year old visitor doesn't want to go to a website and browse through contents targeted at 40-50 year old clientele. All users want an experience customized to their own needs and getting access to all information within the first 10 seconds. The website developers should have a strong knowledge of the demographic, choices and behavior of incoming traffic and the site should adapt accordingly or be interactive and dynamic. Gone are the days of static websites offering the same information to all visitors. A website should be able to estimate the personal choices of customers within first few seconds and then engage accordingly. 

3. Conversational Interfaces: Virtual conversations are the way of engagement ahead. Whether it is a direct automated conversation or a choice based conversation feature, a website needs to put out all options available before a client and engage them for a longer period. With webcrawlers decoding user behavior of clients from information shared over mails and social media, websites have to utilise the mined data to keep the users hooked on. Whether it be a well edited crisp video or short interactions, never should the website let the visitor feel idle or unwanted. 

4. Virtual Reality and Augmented RealityWebsite developers cannot look away from the future while feature building. VR and AR are technologies which our children are getting used to and would be looking for in future installations. While visiting a subway station, looking for train timings, the user won't be scanning different screens to search for information but would like the glasses they are wearing to bring the information before them. A 3D world is no more a thing for movies, its the technology of the future. Upcoming websites should be tuned into the 3D experience and give the user a feel of reality.     

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

3 Reasons Why App Development Is Necessary For Your Business

Data at lightning fast speeds and smartphones with multitasking features and multi-window support have ushered in a new age of smart mobile applications. The use of mobile applications have opened up immense business potentials and upgraded client connectivity to the next level.

A well designed mobile application will reinforce brand value and help in brand sustenance as it implies seamless connectivity and easy collaboration with a targeted audience. Mobile applications also ensure 24*7 brand connectivity as a mobile stays with the customer throughout the day. Easy to use features make mobile applications a must have for users across all age groups. Whenever there is a new launch, addition of new features or creation of rewards, sales and discounts campaign all it needs is a silent beep or notification on the screen to inform the client.  

Here are 3 reasons why a mobile app development is necessary for your business:

Increase Your Visibility

Usage of a Android Mobile App or IOS Mobile App increases the connectivity of businesses with their customers. The chances of getting lost within a flurry of similar businesses is minimized as the customer tends to trust a well reviewed app on his mobile when it ultimately comes to buying a product and he won't be keeping a similar app for two or more similar businesses. Therefore once the customer has downloaded your app he is more likely to stick with your brand in the long run. Thus it makes perfect sense for businesses to keep their app updated and upgrade their user experience and make it user friendly.

Provide Value to Your Customers

In today's highly competitive and volatile market, customers are a highly pampered lot and it pays to invest in taking good care of them. If customers face any problem in the middle of the night, instead of searching for helpline numbers or website customer support links, they can simply raise a ticket on the app and help would be forthcoming. This gives a sense of after sales security to the customers which they would cherish.

Source of Unlimited Data

This works both ways. Instead of browsing through pages, customers simply prefer to browse through drop down menus and select information which they specifically require. The applications do not look data heavy while they can be populated with a fair bit of information about products and their features. Companies can also track user preferences of their customers and their real time reactions to various offers, helping tremendously in developing business analytics.


How Digital Marketing Helps Your Business

Digital Marketing strategies have bridged the gap between small businesses and multi-national companies by creating a level playing field in terms of reaching out to intended audience.  An intelligent digital marketing strategy coupled with effective implementation goes a long way in building up a long-lasting brand value along with  retention and expansion of a dedicated customer base.
In the initial stages, the arena of digital marketing can be quite overwhelming and consultancy with a reputed digital marketing company is advisable. Nevertheless, an owner of a small business needs to clearly know what exactly are his requirements and on what fronts the consultants can help out. The following questions would be the perfect stepping stones:
1. What are the different avenues through which business can grow in the online domain?
2. What is the most feasible scope of growth within an estimated time limit?
3. What are the changes which need to be carried out in the existing mode of business?
4. Does better indexing on search engines eventually lead to better business?
5. At what stage in the digital marketing campaign does a businessman need to think of paid marketing strategies?

Once an entrepreneur  has a certain level of clarity on the above topics he is ready to dive into the world of huge opportunities which can be unlocked in the online domain through a proper a proper digital marketing campaign. Let's now have a look into 5 effective digital marketing tactics which will get your business booming:
Tactic #1: Create Shareable Content
All saleable products in the market are attached to a product tagline and a product description. In today's age of online business, these two attributes should be created intelligently and marketed to the hilt. The targeted audience should identify themselves with the shared content in terms of lingo and images which will lead to high organic growth through shares and re-shares. There's no better publicity today than a content that has gone viral. The success of an advertising campaign on online domain depends on the quality of targeted content created, more than the quantity.
Tactic #2: Optimize content for better website indexing      
Search Engine Optimization is the buzzword for today's business. The importance of creating a wonderful content will be lost if your content is swamped by millions of better ranked websites across all search engines. Visibility is a keyword today. Use of geographical area specific keywords can show sizable impact on website rankings within the first six months and after that there is no looking back. Optimization for targeted keywords is an ongoing process to maintain high rankings across all search engines.
Tactic #3: Focus on Organic Social Media
The importance of social media can no longer be ignored in today's digital age. Existing statistics say that almost 70% of consumers like to use social media for customer support and brand engagement. Investment in social media is an investment in maintaining brand equity and reliability.  Appearance of advertisements or articles in the social media feed improves the chances of customers considering your brand when they actually think of buying a particular product. Sites and products shared by their friends and peers highly impact the buying behavior of avid social media users.
Tactic #4: Have a web  design focused on client conversion
Bounce rates are one of the most important terms you will come across when you deal with your marketing strategy analysis.  Retaining your customer and engaging with them are fare tougher than bringing them to your site for the first time. If  customers can't find the exact products they  came looking for in your site within the first few seconds, they will immediately click on the back button and go to the next website on the search engine. This will increase your bounce rate along with wasting all efforts you made in improving your website ranking. Proper care should be taken into improving the website loading time, user interface and user experience once a client lands on a website.
Tactic #5: Run A/B Split Tests Regularly
Without periodic testing and reviews, a digital marketing strategy is bound to fail. Techniques for search engine and social media optimization get updated very frequently and you have to be on your mark lest you be left behind. A benchmark analysis of website performance against all performance metrics is an absolute must. A periodic review of performance of your nearest rivals against the same metrics also gives you valuable business insights.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Software Development Company

Software Development Company builds Software. What exactly is Software? In a layman's language I would say that software is a collection of computer programs and information seized in the memory of a computer for various functions. It performs various fruitful jobs for the users, which edge with hardware to offer the necessary services for application software, which in time coordinates and controls. Software once been loaded in the computers memory executes the application. The process involves three stages wherein the instructions are passed through application Software, through system Software, to the hardware, which eventually receives instruction.

Technically, one would say that Software as a Service is an application model where a software vendor works on developing a software application and hosts and operates the application for use by its users over the Internet/desktop. In a Software development company the focus is on Custom Software, which is developed for a specific organization and targeted to several business, entities, companies or organizations. The second kind of software will be off the shelf Software that is already produced or designed and are more readily available and cost effective.

Software development process has been observed that large numbers of projects now a day are not meeting the expectations in terms of functionality, cost, Deadlines and effective project management which hampers the overall growth of the Software Development Company.
There are lot of Software Development Companies that follow different models for the development of the Software, most commonly used would be Process Model which includes Waterfall Process, iterative process and Formal Methods.

IT Department and Software Development Company across the globe are considering outsourcing in a big way. Considering deeply the cost factor and the availability of highly qualified developers. The major factors that are kept in mind while outsourcing any project is "Track record" of the company and "Knowledge of the Industry Vertical". The main reason to choose a company with these two important factors is firstly, the company that says that it caters to all verticals in software development may not specialize in any area and which may take lot of time and effort for that company to fulfill the needs of the project. This may adversely affect the deadline and the cost of the project. Secondly, the track record that can only be studied by the previous project company has taken up and by taking all possible references. At the same time it will be important to take into account the quality certification and quality of developers in the company. It is always advised to visit the premises and consider all options before outsourcing a project.

It will be surprising that sometimes no physical contracts or no disclosure agreements are signed between companies while outsourcing the Software project to offshore Software Development Company. The contracts or agreements signed usually are via email and the whole project is taken up on simple mutual trust between two companies. When a project is planned to be outsourced the deliverable should be clearly defined while maintaining the confidentiality rights on both ends as the entire project information is let out to a third person and can be critical for the business. Also the vendor under any circumstances should not directly interact with the employee of the Software Development Company. And of course not to forget the foremost reason the cost, it is often seen that the reason for outsourcing the project often becomes the most common reason for arguments between a supplier and vendor and is applicable in all industries in the world. Thus, a clear mention of the total project pricing and milestones at which the charges will be paid should be included as an important point within the contract.

The success of Offshore Outsourcing rests on the word "customer satisfaction". Offshore Software Outsourcing is much about building relationships based on trust, and mutual respect. Software Development Company, should provide reliable, quality, and value added services to clients that take care of the definite business needs of the customer. A highly dedicated team for a project proves to be a beneficial point for the success of any outsourced project. Any team should have a Project manager, which fills the gap between the client and the developer. There should be proper goals defined for the team and client should be updated every week of the development made. And in case if there are any issues developers can be kept well informed in time.

Thus, the concentration should be on selecting the right partner for Software Development while evaluating all aspects. Selecting the right partner is often defined as a difficult choice to be made as Software Development Company, which leads to several consequences at a later stage, makes sometimes-false promises. It is suggested to review the resources (Infrastructure, personnel, track record etc.) of the business partner well before committing anything in "Offshore Outsourcing".

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Ways To Increase Search Engine Rankings

Customers show trust to businesses having strong online presence. Businesses ranking higher on Google and other search engines attract a lot of customers. But making a strong online presence is not that easy. Getting higher rank on the different search engines is extremely challenging. Internet is getting increasingly crowded day by day with almost every small and big business trying to make their online presence. Given below are 5 ways by which businesses can rank higher on search engines with easy efforts:

Sound Foundation is Necessary

Poor website information and structure can doom and ruin SEO campaigns. Navigation layout, menus, and filters are the points at which web design, UX, and SEO paths intersect. Navigation must be user-friendly. The goal is to make it easy to browse for services and products. It must also be SEO-friendly to allow Search Engine robots to crawl your website efficiently. Your website rankings can suffer highly if your website makes it difficult for users to navigate and Google to crawl.

Performing an SEO Audit

Google algorithm incorporates machine learning and hundreds of signals to determine the search engine rankings. Performing a Search engine optimization audit can give businesses advantage over their competitors. Every business needs to follow some series of steps including fixing of duplicate contents, optimizing image size, ensuring that the website is mobile responsive, optimizing website speed and browser caching.

Optimize your website for Mobile

Mobile-first indexing means that Google only uses the content’s mobile version to index and rate. Earlier, when determining the relevance of a site to a user’s request, the index usually used the desktop version of a page material. Since most users now use a mobile device to access Google Search, Googlebot mainly crawls and indexes pages with the help of a Smartphone agent.

Optimize Website Speed

Businesses must monitor the speed of their websites regularly and must always keep improving its speed. Google Page Speed is an important tool which helps in improving website speed.

Optimize Image Size

Make sure to optimize images before uploading it on your website using an image optimizer or image compressor tool. One must ensure that the dimension of the uploaded image fits into the reserved image space and retains a structured and clean look on their live website.

Browser Caching

Web browser loads a number of resources every time during loading. The caching store of the browser stores these resource files into the user’s computer. Those resources need not be loaded again when a new user navigates to a new page. Browser caching can be enabled just be adding code to the web host server .htaccess file.

On Page SEO

On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method of optimizing individual web pages so that the search engines can rank it higher enabling it to receive more potential traffic. On-page applies to both a webpage’s material and HTML source code that can be optimized as compared to off-page SEO which relates to links and other external signals.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Custom Software Development

Custom software development is the process of creating and deploying software for a group of users and organizations. Custom software development is commonly referred to as bespoke software and is usually development by in-house software development teams are generally outsourced to third parties.
The process of custom software development involves efficient series of steps starting with planning and analysis, design and development, implementation, testing and deployment. Custom software involves three important steps- application customization, application management and application modernization. Application customization can be defined as the process of modification of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf software) applications to support individual requirements. Application modernization plays an important role in the maintenance of viability of a business's custom software to accommodate the preferences and requirements of users and other market demands. Application management supports different tasks like installation, updating, optimization and performance and other service desk functions to make the software effective.

Major benefits of custom software development include:

It is tailor-made as per your requirements:

Custom made software establishes a direct relationship between the development company and you. A talented and knowledgeable software developer can adapt to your preferences and expectations more easily and can cooperate with you on making the best application.

Custom built software is cost effective:

Custom software development may be expensive at times but it is a smart investment in the long run. With custom built software, you don't need to purchase unnecessary hardware or spend additional costs for licenses and other pointless features which help you save a considerable amount of money.


Custom built software supports the growth of business as and when required that means it can grow when an organization or business grows.  In addition to developing the initial solution, a good software development company also maintains the software in the long run making sure that the software scales effectively when required thus allowing your business to grow without any limitation.

Custom built software is secure from external threats:

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software is available to everyone and thus is prone to hacking attacks. On the other hand, custom built software is completely secure which makes it hard for the hackers to penetrate and hack the software as it is only utilized inside your organization.

Support and Maintenance:

Commercial-off-the-shelf software puts your organization in a vulnerable position. With an off the shelf software, your business is dependent on the company from where you have purchased the software. In case the company go bankrupt or decide not to maintain the software in the long run, your business can get in a tough situation. With custom built software, you can do anything with it as you own the software.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Why Do You Need To Redesign Your Website?

Regular website maintenance is extremely crucial if you want good results from your site. Redesigning your website allow you to find broken links, errors, security threats, poor contents, and spam. It also ensures if you are promoting yourself, your business and brand to boost your online visibility.

You should perform the following tasks to maintain your website:

Content is King

The first thing you need to maintain is the website content. Your website content is the only thing that visitors can actually see when they visit your website. A poorly written content having many errors and bad grammar is a big negative for your website. Updating fresh content regularly will make the search engines visit your website which in turn will help you achieve higher search engine rankings.

Your Website Design is Outdated

Most websites are unable to keep up pace with the rapidly changing technology.  In case your website is built on a platform which was an ideal platform few years back but now has become outdated, then you need to redesign your website as new technology offers features liked by present day users. Moreover, websites built on outdated technology are prone to security breaches.

Redesign Your Website

Website is the only thing which grabs visitor's attention whenever they land on your website. If your website looks outdated and disorganized, there is a high probability that they will leave your site without exploring it. Redesigning your website with new design, fresh contents, and better images will not only increase business-customer connection but will also improve user experience.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Today, it is extremely important to have a mobile optimized website. A mobile friendly website allows users across unique platforms and devices to be reached at a quicker rate. A mobile friendly website will not only increase customer satisfaction but will also benefit your website’s reputation making it more relevant and modern.

Some of the major advantages of having a mobile friendly website include:
·        It enables you to reach more and more clients and customers.
·        Websites which are not mobile optimized lose out on a lot of revenue.
·        People can access your website through their smartphones
·        People can get connected with you anytime anywhere.

Update Your Website Security

One of the important reasons to update your website is to increase your security. If your website gets hacked, it will affect both your business and your clients. Security issues bring in a lot of trust issues between a business and its clients. Updating your website security protocols will help you monitor threats and will enable you to fix up preventive measures to protect you from hack tricks and virus attacks.

Do you wish to take your business to the next level? We at LinxDesigns will redesign your website to ensure that it is visible, secure, mobile-friendly, fast and offers an optimal user experience.

Contact us to know more at:

Thursday, August 22, 2019


Do you want your business to maintain a social media presence? Contact us today to help you develop and implement a comprehensive marketing campaign for your business.

Nowadays, website is the best tool in a business marketing tool box. But having a website is not enough anymore; you must have a website that your audiences would like to visit. People mostly indulge in a delusion that just because they have built a website, everyone will find it and the website will automatically gain traffic. But it's not that easy.

Search engines like Google also need to find your company. That's how you get included in the outcomes of the search when a prospective client searches for what you sell. So, why is your website not getting enough traffic? Find below the reasons why no one is visiting your website.


All websites need to be SEO friendly. Search engines such as phone books are used by people to find the contacts they are looking for. In the same way, if your website is not present on the first page, how can it be found?

There are numerous ways out there which can actually help you get your website to the top. Among them, the most important one is your keyword placement. You need to include at least relevant 5 keywords in your website title, and website content related to your business. You also need to add a short and catchy Meta description explaining the services provided by your business.


In order to get people on your website, you need to build bridges. The more bridges you build, the more traffic you will get. These bridges are actually your links. Start digital marketing campaigns to get your website found.

·        Share links to your website from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc.

·        Contact media partners to promote your business

·        Add links from review sites, chat forums or online news sites on your website
This will bring your business to the notice of potential clients and customers.


Business blogging is a marketing tactic that supports business growth and also increases the website’s online visibility. Consistent blogging boosts a website's search engine ranking and also provides a great platform for building relationship with clients and customers. Start adding relevant contents to your site as it will not only help you to stand out among other websites but will also help you catch the attention of the different search engines.

Do you want your business to maintain a social media presence? Contact us today to help you develop and implement a comprehensive marketing campaign for your business.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Linx Designs | The Best Web Designing Company

LINX DESIGNS is one of the leading IT and BPO companies in Washington . We successfully serve worldwide customers with services starting with Web Designing and Development, Software Development, Ecommerce Development, Mobile Application Development (Android & IOS), Game Development, Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, and SMO), Content Writing Services, and BPO Services. At Linx Designs, we are proud to have extremely talented and qualified web developers, designers, mobile application developers, SEO expert group, creative content writers and hard-working marketing team working hard to provide our customers with the finest facilities.

Linx Designs

We at LINX DESIGNS and create custom responsive websites and campaigns based on the objectives and target audience of your company. Our company understands your sector and knows which platform suits you the best whether it is an ecommerce web design service or an email campaign. We set common objectives aimed at further pushing your business revenue and provide you more exposure.  We understand the nature of your business. That's why we offer all aspects of internet marketing services, starting with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Web and App Development, and professional logo designing.

Our task is to get in contact with the individuals who need your facilities the most. We are a digital design organization creating timeless products for companies around the globe. We have a unique squad of web designers having a lot of experience in web designing. They will analyze your brand according to your customer’s needs and will create a website that will bring life to your online presence. Our experienced web developers and designers have in-depth knowledge of different frameworks and technologies to develop your website. We will provide you with the best quality and the friendliest web designing service. A website without internet visibility strategy is a little like getting a business card without networking so, you need to bring new customers to your website. With our distinct web marketing strategies that’s what we give you.

We all know that the ongoing trend of online shopping has become immensely popular. In today's technologically advanced era, one can buy nearly everything with just one click. Portals for ecommerce are intended to serve the purchase and sale of products online. Your business portal for ecommerce must therefore be developed and designed in such a way so that it can stand out from other available portals in today's competitive market. If you want such a user-friendly portal with secure and enhanced features and functionalities to expand your business growth, please contact us today.